Kolchak Logo 'Burning Man'

by Noah Baylin
Night Stalker Cast

A series of murders mirrors a crime spree by a seemingly dead bio-terrorist who claimed he could kill with "hellfire". The FBI and the pompous reporter who covered the original story think it's the work of a copycat, but Kolchak is convinced the murders have more supernatural points of origin...

Stuart Townsend (Carl Kolchak), Gabrielle Union (Perri Reed), Eric Jungmann (Jain McManus), Cotter Smith (Tony Vincenzo), William Lucking (Gorn), Michael O Keefe (Doug Panero), Clare Carey (Lisa Panero), Madison Mason (Houck), Price Carson (The Mystery Man), Brandon Fobbs (The Delivery Boy), Kevin Brief (Fogel), Eugene Collier (The Customer), Shane Johnson (Susan Reynolds), Alex Fernandez (Gary Reynolds)

Directed by Tony Wharmby
Executive producers Frank Spotnitz and Dan Sackheim

TX (US): 27th October, 2005

*Featuring Carl Kolchak, Perri Reed, Jain McManus and Tony Vincenzo