Kolchak Logo 'Devil in the Details'

by Joe Gentile
Comic Cover

Kolchak investigates the disappearance of businessman Chester Fredersen, who has apparently embezzled his company's profits and then run off, leaving his brother and business partner, Barry, in hospital dying of Lou Gherig's Disease. Before he vanished, Chester called his wife from work at the Byte-by-Byte corporation, screaming that he was literally being eaten away. After Diana Fredersen also dissolves into nothing while on a date with Kolchak, Barry's condition goes into an impossible state of remission. Kolchak beleives that the key lies in a bottle of impossibly-small robots...

Pencilled by Trevor Von Eeden
Inked by Ken Wolak
Cover by Doug Klauba

*Featuring Carl Kolchak

*Published by Moonstone