Comic Cover 'Kolchak and Dr. Moreau'

by Mike Kelly
Variant Comic Cover

After missing his flight connection back to L.A., Kolchak is forced to return by road; en route he learns of a gruesome attack in Winnetka, Illinois, at the home of Doctor Eloise Lochley, and decides to investigate. At the crime scene Carl meets an old colleague, Chief Detective Irene Lamont, who allows him to join her team as they search the house full of animal tracks and human bones picked clean. When Doctor Lochley arrives to find her home in turmoil, Kolchak questions her and learns that her son, Eli, recently disappeared; Eli was a member of ‘Animals are People Too’, an activist group that has been causing trouble in the area. As Kolchak continues to work the case, the military receive a tip off and mount a raid on the headquarters of APT; however, as they approach the group’s farmhouse, they are cut down one by one by a pack of vicious animal-human hybrids. Lamont, Kolchak and a squad of police pay Doctor Lochley a visit and find her sharing her home with another pack of hybrid creatures, descendants of a human-animal experiment by a real-life Doctor Moreau from over a century ago. Lochley reveals that the hybrids were dying out until she introduced prehistoric cells into their DNA – cells taken from ice samples that Kolchak remembers only too well, from a previous case involving killer ape-men. The doctor also tells Kolchak and Lamont that she injected Eli with the DNA too, to prevent her son dying from Alzheimer’s... Meanwhile, the other pack goes on the offensive: using weapons taken from the soldiers, they begin attacking random humans, and then devouring their prey…

Pencilled by Mark Grammel

*Featuring Carl Kolchak

*Published by Moonstone