Comic Cover 'Kolchak Tales'
Annual 2009

edited by Dave Ulanski
Comic Cover

'Interview With a Vampire?'

story by Mark Dawidziak
script by Rafael Nieves

Kolchak receives an intriguing letter from someone called Barnabas Collins, inviting him to the remote town of Collinsport to discuss a mutual “friend” – Janos Skorzeny, the vampire Kolchak staked several years ago in Las Vegas. Despite his reservations Kolchak sets off to investigate – but could Collins be a vampire as well..?

Illustrated by Don Hudson
Coloured by Jason Jenson

'One Foot in the Grave'

by Joe Gentile
and Dave Ulanski

The Hollywood Dispatch’s publisher, Morgan Slate, sends Tony and Kolchak to Nevada to investigate a report of a missing couple, who vanished in the desert under mysterious circumstances. Kolchak soon finds himself lost in the heat-scorched wilderness – and under threat from a race of giants…

Illustrated by Ron Harris
Inked by Keith Williams
Coloured by Ian Sokoliwski

*Featuring Carl Kolchak and Tony Vincenzo

*Published by Moonstone

*'Interview With a Vampire?' features Barnabas Collins from the television series, 'Dark Shadows', which also has a comic published by Moonstone