Comic Cover A 'Kolchak Tales' -
'The Frankenstein Agenda'

(Part 1)

by David Michelinie
Comic Cover B

When Kolchak heads for Central Oregon to investigate reports of strange lights in the sky and sightings of the legendary Sasquatch, he finds an unusually large military presence in the area. Ignoring their order to turn back, Karl sneaks into the woods and finds the disembowelled corpse of a bear; he then runs into Colonel Braxton, an unfriendly soldier who places a watch on the snooping reporter. Karl soon arrives in the town of Log Run, where he hands over his assignment to student Roy Two Clouds in order to give himself the time to continue his investigations. That night, Kolchak joins the local sheriff at the house of Sophie Newman, a recently abducted widow. Following the trail into the dark wood, Karl comes face to face with a walking nightmare…

Illustrated by Don Hudson

Cover A by Bob Layton and Ian Sokoliwski
Cover B by Dave Ulanski and Ken Wolak

*Featuring Carl Kolchak

*Published by Moonstone