Comic Cover A 'Kolchak Tales' -
'The Frankenstein Agenda'

(Part 2)

by David Michelinie
Comic Cover B

Held hostage by a bizarre, hulking monster, Kolchak learns from his fellow prisoner, widow Sophie Newman, that the creature is in fact her son, John. It seems that that John had recently volunteered for a secret project being conducted at the nearby army base, a project that somehow led to his transformation into the mute creature now standing before them. Vowing to uncover the truth behind John’s metamorphosis, Kolchak’s search leads him to Doctor Miles Stewart, a terrified scientist now living in fear from the repercussions of creating a new form of life for the colonisation of alien planets…

Illustrated by Don Hudson

Cover A by Bob Layton and Ian Sokoliwski
Cover B by Dave Ulanski and Ken Wolak

*Featuring Carl Kolchak

*Published by Moonstone