Comic Cover A 'The Lovecraftian Damnation'

by C.J. Henderson
Comic Cover B

Called to the office of Marvin Richards, host of the popular cable news show ‘Challenge of the Unknown’, Kolchak finds the man in a state of terror. Carl came to the aid of the newsman once before, when Richards and his team had been tricked by the immoral Doctor Randel Penes into purchasing a copy of the ancient book known as the Necronomicon; Penes used this evil tome to summon up an otherworldly demon named Nyogtha, causing the deaths of a score of people before he and the book were destroyed. Richards informs Kolchak that the studio is once again being menaced by a supernatural horror: it seems that Penes has returned, and so has the evil Necronomicon

Illustrated by Robert Hack
Coloured by Evan Shaver

*Featuring Carl Kolchak

*Published by Moonstone

*A 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker' 'Wide Vision' graphic novel published by Moonstone

*Working title: 'The Lovecraftian Horror'