Comic Cover - Kolchak 'Phases of the Moon'
(Part 2)

'You Outta Be in Pictures'
by Mark Rahner
Comic Cover - Honey West

Kolchak investigates a series of brutal murders in the San Fernando Valley, of young girls literally torn apart. Following a lead provided by the attractive L.A. Private Eye Honey West, Carl discovers that auditioning for film producer Lee Reinhart can be lethal…

Art by Matt Hebb
Inks by Jason Worthington
Colors by Tracy Bailey

*Featuring Carl Kolchak

*Published by Moonstone October 2011

*This story was part two of a four-part ‘Honey West’ crossover story, ‘Phases of the Moon’

*The issue was a ‘flip-over book’: one half was ‘Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files’, and the other was ‘Honey West’