Kolchak Logo 'The Sea'

by Frank Spotnitz
Night Stalker Cast

Kolchak and Perri go on the run to protect the one woman who can answer their questions about Agent Caleca and perhaps Irene Kolchak's death before the phantom band of bikers strikes again. Along the way, Perri learns one of Kolchak's darkest secrets. Meanwhile, Agent Fain puts pressure on Jain to give up his photos and on Vincenzo to reveal what his reporters know about the case...

Stuart Townsend (Carl Kolchak), Gabrielle Union (Perri Reed), Eric Jungmann (Jain McManus), Cotter Smith (Tony Vincenzo), John Pyper-Ferguson (Agent Fain), Stacy Edwards (Linda Caleca), Esther K. Chae (Dae), Charles Chun (Seung), Alexis Rhee (Soo), Loreni Delgado (Edhead), Kevin Thomas (Biker No. 1), Chris Moore (Biker No. 2), Tony Swift (Biker No. 3), Steven Saucedo (Biker No. 4)

Directed by Elodie Keen
Executive producers Frank Spotnitz and Dan Sackheim

TX (US): Untransmitted

*Featuring Carl Kolchak, Perri Reed, Jain McManus and Tony Vincenzo

*Part two of a two-part story