Comic Cover A 'Tales of the Night Stalker'
(Issue 7: 'The Saggath')

by Dave Ulanski
Comic Cover B

Kolchak is contacted by police officer Charlevoix, who asks for the reporter’s ‘specialised’ help in investigating a series of mysterious deaths in New Orleans. Kolchak realises that the murders have links to the plant monster and the shadow man – the Saggath – that he encountered during his previous visit to the city. He soon uncovers a link to the Crescent City Development company – and discovers that their experiments are far more sinister than Kolchak could ever have imagined…

Pencilled by Kirk Jarvinen
Inked by Keith Williams

Cover A by Dave Dorman
Cover B by Dave Ulanski and Ken Wolak

*Featuring Carl Kolchak

*Published by Moonstone