Doctor Who Logo 'Kursaal'
by Peter Anghelides
Jacket Illustration

Kursaal is a pleasure world, a huge theme park for the Cronus System - or rather it will be if it isn't destroyed during construction.

Eco-terrorists want the project halted to preserve vital archaeological sites - areas containing the last remains of the long-dead Jax, an ancient wolf-like race whose remains are being buried beneath the big-business tourist attractions.

Sam falls in with the environmentalists, and finds her loyalties divided. Meanwhile, the Doctor's own investigations lead him to believe the Jax are not extinct after all.

Cut off from the TARDIS, separated from his companion and pursued for murder, the Doctor discovers Kursaal hides a terrible secret - and that Sam is being affected by events more than anyone would guess...

*Featuring the Eighth Doctor and Sam

*A BBC Books 'Eighth Doctor Adventures' novel