Doctor Who Logo 'The Last Post'
(2 Parts)

by James Moss
Jacket Illustration

People are dying. Just a few, over a period of months... but the strange thing is that each person received a letter predicting the date and time of their death.

Throughout her time as the Doctor’s assistant, Liz Shaw has been documenting these passings.

Her investigation ultimately uncovers a threat that could lead to the end of the world, but this time Liz has someone to help her.

Her mother...

Caroline John (Liz Shaw), Rowena Cooper (Emily Shaw)

Directed by Lisa Bowerman


*Featuring the Third Doctor, Liz, the Brigadier and U.N.I.T.

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Time-placing: this story takes place between 'The Ambassadors of Death' and 'Inferno'