Doctor Who Logo 'Life During Wartime'
Edited by Paul Cornell
Jacket Illustration

The Braxiatel Collection has been occupied by the Fifth Axis. This shouldn't have happened: Brax picked this place to be safe, and surely he knows the history of time and space?

Bernice and her friends find themselves living under a military government. Bev joins the resistance. Adrian is thrown into a prison camp for aliens. Jason finds a comfortable little niche for himself in the new administration. Bernice's half-human son, Peter, is now under threat every minute of every day.

Bernice finds herself caught in the middle of the occupation, her old friends, and her desperate need to protect her child.

The Stories:

'The Fall' by Paul Cornell
'Careless Talk' by Justin Richards
'The Birthday Party' by Simon Guerrier
'Five Dimensional Thinking' by Nick Wallace
'Meanwhile' by Robert Shearman
'The Price of Everything' by Gregg Smith
'Hit' by John Binns
'Garden of Whispers' by Martin Day
'The Crystal Flower' by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
'Midrash' by Ian Mond
'Fear of Corners' by Mark Stevens
'The Traitors' by Jonathan Morris
'Paths Not Taken' by Rupert Booth and Barr Williams
'Every Picture Tells a Story' by Jim Sangster
'Fluid Prejudice' by Paul Ebbs
'Suffer the Children' by Dave Stone
'Drinking with the Enemy' by Jonathan Blum
'Passing Storms' by Peter Anghelides
'Speaking Out' by Simon Guerrier
'The Peter Principle' by Kate Orman
'A Bell Ringing in an Empty Sky' by Jim Mortimore

Plus four 'Lockdown Conversations' by Paul Cornell

*Featuring Benny

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' anthology