Doctor Who Logo 'Live 34'
(4 Parts)
by James Parsons
and Andrew Stirling-Brown
Jacket Illustration

"You're listening to LIVE 34."

"LIVE 34 news on the hour every hour LIVE 34 broadcasting to Colony 34 all day every day LIVE 34 constantly updated every minute of every hour LIVE 34 sport, weather, business, local news, inter-planetary affairs LIVE 34 live, independent, accurate, comprehensive LIVE 34 all news, all day, every day LIVE 34."

"Reports are coming in of an explosion."

"On the line now is the leader of the FDP."

"The President is about to begin his address."

"We can see bodies in the wreckage."

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Philip Olivier (Hex), Andrew Collins (Drew Shahan), William Hoyland (Premier Jaeger), Zehra Naqvi (Charlotte Singh), Duncan Wiseby (Ryan Wareing), Ann Bryson (Gina Grewal), Joy Elias-Rilwan (Lula)

Directed by Gary Russell

*Featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex

*This story features no theme music or incidental music; each act takes place in real time

*A Big Finish Audio Production