Doctor Who Logo 'The Macros'
(2 Parts)

by Ingrid Pitt
and Tony Rudlin
Jacket Illustration

The Lost Stories: Adventures that were originally written for the 'Doctor Who' television series but never made. Now available to hear for the first time…

The TARDIS materializes on the U.S.S. Eldridge, after the Philadelphia Experiment has gone disastrously wrong. Most of the crew are dead, the ship is disintegrating, and the Doctor soon realizes that the problem comes from another dimension…

As they attempt to find a way to get the ship home, the Doctor and Peri visit the distant planet Capron and meet its tyrannical ruler Osloo. But the search for a possible solution only creates increasingly dire problems. Osloo's horizons have been widened – and space and time are hers for the taking...

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Linda Marlowe (Osloo), Jack Galagher (Ezz), Rachael Elizabeth (Yka), Vincent Pirillo (Professor Tessler), Stewart Alexander (Bosun / Guard), Paul David-Gough (Mers / 1st Rigger / Calloway), Matt Addis (Bundth / 2nd Rigger / Captain / Guard / Captain / Tannoy)

Directed by John Ainsworth

*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Time-placing: this story takes place after 'Revelation of the Daleks' before 'The Trial of a Time Lord'

*Working title: 'The Macro Men'