Doctor Who Logo 'The Mark of The Rani'
(2 Parts)
Story Code '6X'

by Pip and Jane Baker
The Doctor

The Doctor attempts to take Peri to Kew Gardens, but instead the TARDIS arrives in Killingworth in 1830, during the time of the Luddite uprisings. The Doctor and Peri discover that the TARDIS has been dragged off course by the Master, who is engaged with a scheme to assassinate some of the key figures of the Industrial Revolution, thereby altering Earth's history. Meanwhile, the Master has encountered another renegade Time Lord, the Rani. Cast out from Gallifrey for illegal genetic experimentation, she is now the ruler of the planet Miasimia Goria, and has altered the metabolism of the population in order to heighten their awareness; the process has unintentionally lowered their ability to sleep, and so the Rani is now on Earth conducting biological experiments on the local miners, extracting the chemical substance that promotes sleep from their brains in order to cure her subjects. The process has increased the aggressiveness of the villagers, who are now rebelling against all new technology. The Master steals the brain fluid from the Rani, and blackmails her into allying herself with him against the Doctor. The Doctor and Peri meet Lord Ravensworth, the owner of the mine, who is organising a meeting of the finest engineering geniuses, so that they can witness the unveiling of George Stephenson's new steam engine. The Master is controlling people through the use of maggots treated with a conditioning drug, which he forces his victims to ingest. The Doctor and Peri manage to avoid a series of deadly traps set by the two renegade Time Lords, including land mines that turn people into trees. In a standoff inside the mines, the Master attempts to shoot the Doctor with his Tissue Compression Eliminator, but instead hits a support beam, bringing the roof down upon them. While the Doctor and Peri escape to the surface, the Master and the Rani flee to her TARDIS. But the Doctor has sabotaged the time ship, and the two evil Time Lords are sent spinning into the outer fringes of the universe, at the mercy of a rapidly growing Tyrannosaurus Rex embryo. The Doctor uses the brain fluid to restore the workers to normal, and Earth's history resumes its normal course.

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Anthony Ainley (The Master), Kate O'Mara (The Rani), Terence Alexander (Lord Ravensworth), Peter Childs (Jack Ward), Gary Cady (Luke Ward), Richard Steele (Guard), William Ilkley (Tim Bass), Hus Levent (Edwin Green), Kevin White (Sam Rudge), Martyn Whitby (Drayman), Sarah James (Young Woman), Cordelia Ditton (Older Woman), Gawn Grainger (George Stephenson)

Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by Sarah Hellings

Part 1 - 2nd February, 1985 @ 5.20pm - 6.05pm
Part 2 - 9th February, 1985 @ 5.20pm - 6.05pm

*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri

*First appearance of the Rani

*Working titles: 'Too Clever By Far', 'Enter the Rani'

*Each part is 45 minutes duration