Max Headroom Logo

TV Special Logo.

Title Original TX Date Info
Max Headroom 4th April 1985 UK TX

Season 1 Logo.

Title Original TX Date Info
Blipverts 31st March 1987 US TX
Rakers 7th April 1987 US TX
Body Banks 14th April 1987 US TX
Security Systems 21st April 1987 US TX
War 28th April 1987 US TX
The Blanks 5th May 1987 US TX

Season 2 Logo.

Title Original TX Date Info
Academy 18th September 1987 US TX
Deities 24th September 1987 US TX
Grossberg's Return 2nd October 1987 US TX
Dream Thieves 9th October 1987 US TX
Whackets 16th October 1987 US TX
Neurostim 28th April 1988 US TX
Lessons 5th May 1988 US TX
Baby Grobags Unknown UK TX
Theora's Tale N/A Script unproduced
The Trial N/A Script unproduced
X-Max N/A Script unproduced

Max Headroom - UK TV Special
Max Headroom - US Season 1
Max Headroom - US Season 2

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