Doctor Who Logo 'The Medusa Effect'
by Dave Stone
Jacket Illustration

The Medusa was an experimental ship developed by the Advanced Research Department of St Oscar's University. Missing since it was launched and presumed lost in the wars, it was a project so secret it has never been fully declassified...

Now, twenty years on, The Medusa is coming home. And, when a member of the team being sent to the drifting ship dies suspiciously, Bernice Summerfield is called up as a last-minute replacement. Something terrible happens on the vessel, and she and the rest of the eccentric team must use all their skills to solve The Medusa's riddle and understand the dark threat beneath.

To do so, Benny must first understand herself and her colleagues - they are linked somehow to the original crew - and their fate. But as ghosts stalk the lonely corridors of the ship, the past is catching up with them in more ways than one...

*Featuring Benny, Irving Braxiatel and Commander Skutloid

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel