Doctor Who Logo 'The Mega'
(6 Parts)

by Bill Strutton
adapted by Simon Guerrier
Jacket Illustration

"This is a warning. Your aggression cannot go unchecked. The West must disarm. We will make you disarm."

When an assassination follows the first demonstration of a deadly new weapon, it appears that an alien race has fired the opening salvo in a new war – a war… for peace.

But is that truly their intent? The Doctor is unsure. The answer lies deep in the heart of a distant country. A place where a man might be a hero or a traitor. Where a man has to face the menace… of the Mega.

Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Richard Franklin (Captain Mike Yates), Bo Poraj (Wiley / Cassie / Prime Minister / Man), Derek Carlyle (Magee / Laurence / The Mega / Chap)

Directed by Ken Bentley


*Featuring the Third Doctor, Jo and Captain Mike Yates

*A Big Finish Audio Production