Doctor Who Logo 'The Memory of Winter'

by George Mann
Jacket Illustration

Summoned by the Winter family’s Calling Card, the TARDIS arrives in 15th Century France. In the shadows of a forest the Doctor and Clara encounter a band of soldiers who are protecting a mysterious young woman. Also travelling with he party is self-confessed amateur historian Julius Winter.

Young Joan of Arc is troubled by voices telling her things she should not know about – things concerning the Doctor’s own people, the Time lords. When he realises that an element of the Time War is involved, the Doctor is compelled to discover where Joan is getting her information from. But in doing so, he and Clara are drawn into terrible danger…

Jemma Redgrave, who plays Kate Lethbridge-Stewart in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series, reads this climactic adventure by George Mann, part of the Tales of Winter quartet of stories.

Release Date:
April 2016

*Featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara

*A BBC audiobooks 'Doctor Who Audio Original' production