The Mighty Boosh Logo 'Eels'

by Julian Barratt
and Noel Fielding
The Mighty Boosh Cast

Naboo and Bollo head off to the Head Shaman’s stag-do weekend with the rest of the Council, leaving Howard and Vince in charge of the ‘Nabootique’. The two friends decide to hold a ‘Battle of the Sales’, betting on the success of Howard’s elbow patches vs. Vince’s ‘Celebrity Indie Radar’ device. Vince’s tracker quickly proves a sell-out success, but all Howard attracts is the attention of a dubious widow, Eleanor (“Hellooooooooooo!”). While Vince leaves to try and tag Pete Neon, the lead singer of the ‘Neon Needles’, Howard receives a visit from the evil Cockney Hitcher, who wees in his face, subjects him to a nightmare ballet inside his hat with Elsie the Queen of Eels, and then demands protection money from him. Under threat of another eel-attack unless he can find a thousand Euros by midnight, Howard turns to Vince for help; but his friend has already squandered the cash he made, so Howard has just one option left: he must prostitute himself to Eleanor…

Noel Fielding (Vince Noir / The Moon / The Hitcher / Tony Harrison), Julian Barratt (Howard Moon / Dennis the Head Shaman), Michael Fielding (Naboo), Dave Brown (Bollo), Rich Fulcher (Eleanor), Richard Ayoade (Saboo), Douglas Charles-Riddler (Student Loans Officer), 'D-Day' [Alan Day] (Student Loans Officer), Kirk Gaitskell-Kendrick (Kirk), Claire Millan (Elsie), Will Borrell (Man in Jacket), Anthony Rossomando (Pete Neon), Peter Kyriacou (Stag Shaman)*

Directed by Paul King
Produced by Spencer Millman
Executive Producer Lindsay Hughes and Henry Normal
Original Music by Julian Barratt

TX (BBC3):
15th November 2007

*Featuring Vince Noir, Howard Moon, Naboo and Bollo

*The third season of 'The Mighty Boosh' was released DVD Region 2 on 28th January 2008:

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