The Mighty Boosh Logo 'Journey to the Centre
of the Punk'

by Julian Barratt
and Noel Fielding
The Mighty Boosh Cast

Howard is overjoyed to receive his order of a rare ‘Voodoo Scat’ LP by Jimmy Jefferson, the most expensive jazz record ever; unfortunately Vince is now into punk, and in order to impress his new pals from the band ‘Terminal Margaret’, he takes a bite out of the record. A distraught Howard takes the broken LP to Lester Corncrake to mend, only to discover that Vince has swallowed a part of it; even worse, the record was infused with the blood of Howling Jimmy Jefferson - the ‘Jazz Beast’ - whose spirit is now corrupting Vince’s soul. Vince performs as lead singer at ‘Terminal Margaret’s latest gig, but is booed off when he suddenly breaks into Voodoo Scat on stage. As Vince’s condition worsens, Naboo shrinks Howard and Lester down to microscopic size along with a submarine, and injects them into Vince’s bloodstream on a mission to find and destroy the jazz virus nucleus before it can infect Vince’s brain and kill him…

Noel Fielding (Vince Noir / The Moon / Howling Jimmy Jefferson / Vince's Blood Cells / Vince's Brain Cell), Julian Barratt (Howard Moon), Michael Fielding (Naboo), Dave Brown (Bollo), Rich Fulcher (Lester Corncrake), Kim Noble (Jackie), Stuart Silver (Micky Jizz), 'The Rev' [Paul James] (Dick Brain Damage), 'Snell' [Neil Eldridge] (Donnie Brain Damage)

Directed by Paul King
Produced by Spencer Millman
Executive Producer Lindsay Hughes and Henry Normal
Original Music by Julian Barratt

TX (BBC3):
22nd November 2007

*Featuring Vince Noir, Howard Moon, Naboo and Bollo