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by Julian Barratt
and Noel Fielding
The Mighty Boosh Cast

Vince and Howard introduce themselves to their audience, and then perform Howard’s new play, ‘Pies’. Then Naboo is introduced, Bollo attempts some stand-up comedy, and Bob Fossil performs a warm-up. Next is a performance of ‘The Ruby of Kukundu’: the evil cockney Hitcher visits ‘Naboo’s Knick Knacks’ second-hand shop in Hackney and stabs Naboo to death. The only way to restore the deceased Shaman to life is to use the mystical properties of the Ruby of Kukundu, which legend says is in either the Arctic or Spain. While Vince and Bollo set off for Spain, Howard heads for the snowy wastes of the Tundra to search for the gem. Will the Boosh find the Ruby in time to save Naboo – or will the Hitcher claim even more victims..?

Noel Fielding (Vince Noir), Julian Barratt (Howard Moon), Michael Fielding (Naboo the Enigma), Rich Fulcher (Bob Fossil), Dave Brown (Bollo), Matt Berry (Delivery Man), Peter Kyriacou (Delivery Man)

Directed by Nick Morris
Produced by Celia Blaker

2006 (Various venues)

TX Date (BBC3):
26th December 2007

*Featuring Vince Noir, Howard Moon, Naboo, Bollo and Bob Fossil

*A recording of the show’s performance at the Brixton Academy was later released on DVD, and then transmitted on BBC3 on Boxing Day, 2007; Matt Berry made a special guest appearance for this particular performance

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