The Mighty Boosh Logo 'Nanageddon'

by Julian Barratt
and Noel Fielding
The Mighty Boosh Cast

Howard’s Jazz Club Night gets cancelled as soon as he learns that Vince has two Goth girls coming over. Whilst Vince (now calling himself ‘Obsidian Blackbird McNight’), can pull off the Goth look, Howard can’t do ‘dark’, so a makeover is called for; with the aid of some ‘Goth Juice’ hairspray Howard is transformed, although he only succeeds in creeping out the girls when they arrive at the flat. In an attempt to impress Anthrax and Ebola, Vince steals Naboo’s book of Black Magic and summons up a demon; unfortunately only a little old lady appears in the living room, and so the unimpressed Goth girls storm off. After the demon vanishes with the book, Vince and Howard try to cover up their actions; but Naboo instantly sees through their deception, and turns his back on them in anger. A quick look through the demonic version of ‘Spotlight’ reveals that the innocent-looking granny is Nanatoo – the evilest demon known to man. Naboo is furious, even more so when he is summoned before the Board of Shamen and stripped of his powers. Howard and Vince resolve to put things right by tracking down the demon and retrieving the book; together they dress up as little old ladies and begin searching the local Bingo halls. Meanwhile, the Nanatoo goes on a killing spree, slaughtering passers-by with her razor-sharp bus pass and deadly knitting needles. Unless Howard and Vince can stop her, Nanatoo will use the book to create an army of killer grannies and bring about Nanageddon…

Noel Fielding (Vince Noir / The Moon / Tony Harrison), Julian Barratt (Howard Moon / Head Shaman), Michael Fielding (Naboo), Dave Brown (Bollo), Rich Fulcher (Bingo Announcer), Richard Ayoade (Saboo), Sue Denim (Ebola), Dee Plume (Anthrax), Margaret John (Nanatoo)

Directed by Paul King
Produced by Alison MacPhail and Spencer Millman
Associate producers Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding
Executive producers Steve Coogan and Henry Normal
Original Music by Julian Barratt
A Baby Cow production for BBC Three

TX (BBC3):
9th August 2005

*Featuring Vince Noir, Howard Moon, Naboo and Bollo