New Avengers Logo 'Faces'
by Brian Clemens
and Dennis Spooner
New Avengers

Five years ago, two homeless tramps notice that one of them, Torrance, is the exact likeness for the Executive in Charge of Home Security. After assassinating him and taking his place, the Torrance an his cohort, Mullins, team up with Doctor Prator, a shady plastic surgeon; together they hatch a scheme to find other vagrants that resemble top officials, and then to replace them. But after replacing a politician, the substitute dies of a heart attack, and Steed begins to suspect something is amiss. Realising the implications of such a plan, and knowing that anyone could be a double-agent, Steed leaves Purdey out of the assignment, instead sending Gambit to the Mission for the Distressed and Needy. Here, posing as a drunk, Gambit is recruited and trained to replace the ‘real’ Gambit. Purdey uncovers the plan, and goes undercover herself as ‘Lolita’, a tart who needs a new identity. As ‘Lolita’ and ‘Gambit’ suspect each other, another vagrant has been found to replace Steed. As friend suspect friend, the masterminds behind the plot are uncovered, and the deadly scheme is thwarted.

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Gareth Hunt (Mike Gambit), Joanna Lumley (Purdey), David De Keyser (Dr. Prator), Edward Petherbridge (Mullins), Richard Leech (Craig), Neil Hallet (Clifford), Annabel Leventon (Wendy), David Webb (Bilston), Donald Hewlett (Torrance), J.G. Devlin (Tramp), Jill Melford (Sheila), Michael Sheard (Peters), Robert Putt (Attendant)

Directed by James Hill
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

LWT - 17th December 1976

*Featuring John Steed, Mike Gambit and Purdey