New Avengers Logo 'Target!'
by Dennis Spooner
New Avengers

When agents start dropping dead of natural causes at an alarming rate, Steed, Gambit and Purdey find that the only common factor is that they had all gone on leave after taking target practice on a special shooting range run by operative Bradshaw. It is a range that only Steed has the distinction of completing with a score of 100%, and, determined to match Steed's record, Purdey takes the course, but only achieves 99% score. When Gambit plays an unintentionally fatal trick on Bradshaw, by shooting him with the guns from the course, he discovers that ink-squibs on the range contain deadly curare. The shooting range has been taken over by Draker and his midget assistant Kloekoe, two enemy agents bent on killing the department’s agents. Realising that Purdey has been hit and therefore poisoned, Steed races to her rescue, only to be poisoned by a curare-tipped dart fired from Kloekoe’s blowpipe. The antidote is located on the target range, and Gambit has to run the course in order to retrieve it. The enemy agents are killed by their own weapons, and Steed and Purdey receive the antidote just in time.

Patrick Macnee (John Steed), Gareth Hunt (Mike Gambit), Joanna Lumley (Purdey), Keith Barron (Draker), Robert Beatty (Ilenko), Roy Boyd (Bradshaw), Frederick Jaeger (Jones), Malcom Stoddard (Myers), Deep Roy (Kloekoe), John Paul (Kendrick), Bruce Purchase (Lopez), Dennis Blanche (Talmadge), Robert Tayman (Palmer), Suzanna Macmillan (Nurse)*, John Saunders (Titherbridge), Peter Brace (Potterton), Marc Boyle (McKay)

Directed by Ray Austin
Produced by Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens

LWT - 26th November 1976

*Featuring John Steed, Mike Gambit and Purdey