Bionic Woman Logo 'Do Not Disturb'

by Jason Smilovic
Bionic Woman Cast

Concerned that Jaime has been badly shaken by Antonio’s death, and that work is the only thing keeping her together, Jonas assigns her a mission to deliver a briefcase to an agent in Montana, and then instructs her to stay on and take a vacation. Jaime reluctantly agrees, and, taking Becca along too, drives out to a hotel resort in Beartooth National Forest. Having made the drop, Jaime settles down to enjoy her holiday with her sister; the two enjoy the spa’s facilities, and Becca makes friends with a boy named Nick. However, their peace is soon interrupted by Jonas, who has lost contact with his agent and wants Jaime to investigate. Checking the man’s room, Jaime discovers that he has died from a drugs overdose, and that his briefcase contains a high-powered rifle. It seems that the agent was an assassin for the Berkut Group, and his target is one Vincent Aldridge – Nick’s father…

Michelle Ryan (Jaime Wells Sommers), Miguel Ferrer (Jonas Bledsoe), Molly Price (Ruth Treadwell), Will Yun Lee (Jae Kim), Lucy Hale (Becca Sommers), Kevin Rankin (Nathan), Brian Markinson (Vincent Aldridge), Michael Brock (Nick Aldridge), Brent O'Connor (Valet Parker / Matt), Ben Cotton (Javier), Julia Keilty (Hotel Desk Lady), Jonathan Kralt (Dreadlock Dude), Juno Ruddell (Spa Therapist), Sherry Klassen (Gift Shop Clerk), Justin Sain (Bodyguard #1), Gerald Paetz (Bodyguard #3)

Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Produced by Howard Grigsby
Executive Producers Michael Dinner, Jason Smilovic and David Eick

TX (US):
28th November 2007

*Featuring Jaime Sommers, Jonas Bledsoe, Ruth Treadwell, Jae Kim and Becca Sommers