Bionic Woman Logo 'The Education of
Jaime Sommers'

by Elizabeth Heldens
Bionic Woman Cast

When a recently-released POW suddenly guns down his fellow soldiers, the cause is traced to a revolutionary new neural implant designed to treat depression. The Berkut Group sends Jaime undercover to Stanwick University to investigate the device’s inventor, Professor Howard Samuels; meanwhile Antonio is given the task of tracking down the implants’ buyer, a known terrorist. Posing as British transfer student Clarissa Whyte, Jaime joins the professor’s neuroscience class and struggles to contend with the complexity of the lectures and her homework; she also encounters a handsome graduate student named Tom Gilchrist, and the two quickly develop a relationship. Attending a demonstration of Professor Samuels’ neural implant, Jaime watches as a patient with Parkinson's disease is ‘remotely-controlled’ to give him full motor coordination – but shortly afterwards, the same patient attacks Jaime, and she is forced to use her bionics to escape a beating. Jaime attempts to uncover the identity of the criminal who is misusing the neural implants – but all the evidence points to her new lover, Tom…

Michelle Ryan (Jaime Wells Sommers), Miguel Ferrer (Jonas Bledsoe), Molly Price (Ruth Treadwell), Will Yun Lee (Jae Kim), Lucy Hale (Becca Sommers), Isaiah Washington (Antonio Pope), Kevin Rankin (Nathan) , Lara Gilchrist (Carly), Erin Karpluk (Robin), Matthew Smalley (Private Matt Walsh), Juan Riedinger (Student Sean), Trevor Addie (Parkinson's Patient), Jordan Bridges (Tom Gilchrist), Kenneth Welsh (Professor Howard Samuels), Valerie Tian (Aoki), Shafin Karim (Nadeem), Sunita Prasad (Nadeem's Girlfriend), Lee Majdoub (Student Buyer)

Directed by Jonas Pate
Produced by Howard Grigsby
Executive Producers Michael Dinner, Jason Smilovic and David Eick

TX (US):
24th October 2007

*Featuring Jaime Sommers, Jonas Bledsoe, Ruth Treadwell, Jae Kim, Antonio Pope and Becca Sommers