Bionic Woman Logo 'The List'

by Bridget Carpenter
Bionic Woman Cast

A Berkut operation goes badly wrong: one of their agents is murdered, and the killer, arms dealer Victor Booth, escapes with a list of operatives from both the Group and the C.I.A. The two organisations team up to recover the index – and so Jaime is partnered up with Agent Tom Gilchrist and sent on a mission in Paris. Posing as a married couple, the two lovers find it difficult not to mix business with pleasure – until Tom is captured by Booth, who demands $8 million dollars for the release of his hostage and access to the list. Jaime agrees and contacts Jonas for the money, unaware that her boss is currently bailing her sister out of jail for drink driving. Jaime makes the rendezvous with Tom at a local café, only to discover that Booth has wired him with explosives – as soon as they make the exchange, the arms dealer will blow the two agents sky-high…

Michelle Ryan (Jaime Wells Sommers), Miguel Ferrer (Jonas Bledsoe), Molly Price (Ruth Treadwell), Will Yun Lee (Jae Kim), Lucy Hale (Becca Sommers), Isaiah Washington (Antonio Pope), Kevin Rankin (Nathan), Jordan Bridges (Tom Gilchrist), Sean Bell (Buyer), Beth Broderick (Alexis), Reilly Dolman (Brennan), Brando Eaton (Ethan), Matias Hacker (Spaniard), Zain Jamal (Moroccan Associate), Mitra Lohrasb (Indian Woman), Brian McBride (Cop), Olivia Rameau (Hotel Clerk), Callum Keith Rennie (Victor Booth), Anja Savcic (MK), Ahmad Sharmrou (Dark Haired Man), Tracy Spiridakos (Annie), Hugo Steele (Bodyguard #1), Valerie Tian (Aoki), Bruno Verdoni (European Man)

Directed by David Boyd
Produced by Howard Grigsby
Executive Producers Michael Dinner, Jason Smilovic and David Eick

TX (US):
7th November 2007

*Featuring Jaime Sommers, Jonas Bledsoe, Ruth Treadwell, Jae Kim, Antonio Pope and Becca Sommers