Bionic Woman Logo 'Trust Issues'

by Kerry Ehrin
Bionic Woman Cast

When Tom calls Jaime in the middle of a stakeout, the distraction nearly costs her the mission. Jaime’s retrieval of a briefcase of ammunition for a high-powered rifle leads the Berkut Group to uncover a plot to assassinate President Rudan, the dictatorial leader of an oppressed African nation, who is due to visit the U.S to attend a high-profile horse race. When Jonas and Nathan learn that President Rudan is about to arrive earlier than expected, they contact Jaime, only to find that Antonio has already called her in. Racing to the airfield, Jaime arrives just in time to save the president from a sniper assault. With Rudan escorted to safety, Jaime scours the rooftop for clues, unaware that Antonio has hidden some of the evidence. When Jaime later overhears a conversation between Antonio and the assassin, she begins to question whether or not she can trust him anymore; when Jaime confronts him, Anotnio pulls a gun on her, explaining that the assassin is an agent he once worked with – and his former lover…

Michelle Ryan (Jaime Wells Sommers), Miguel Ferrer (Jonas Bledsoe), Molly Price (Ruth Treadwell), Will Yun Lee (Jae Kim), Lucy Hale (Becca Sommers), Isaiah Washington (Antonio Pope), Kevin Rankin (Nathan) , Jordan Bridges (Tom Gilchrist), Roger R. Cross (Bomani), Stefanie Samuels (Sniper/Julianne), Aubrey Arnason (Girl Agent), Jason Coleman (Guy Agent), Julian Christopher (President Rudan)

Directed by Alex Chapple
Produced by Howard Grigsby
Executive Producers Michael Dinner, Jason Smilovic and David Eick

TX (US):
14th November 2007

*Featuring Jaime Sommers, Jonas Bledsoe, Ruth Treadwell, Jae Kim, Antonio Pope and Becca Sommers

*Working title: 'Everything Will Change'