Doctor Who Logo 'Night and the Doctor':
'First Night'

by Steven Moffat
The Doctor

With Amy and Rory asleep, the Doctor materialises the TARDIS inside the Stormcage facility to collect River for their date – the last for him but the first for her, as this point in River’s timeline is the first night of her incarceration. After setting the rules for their meetings and agreeing how to use their diaries (“Spoilers!”), River decides not to wear the daring dress the Doctor has got her, and chooses to check out the TARDIS wardrobe instead. However, the Doctor is not alone for long, as the TARDIS door bursts open and another River rushes in, firing her gun at her pursuers outside, before collapsing dead in the Doctor’s arms…

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Alex Kingston (River Song)

Directed by Richard Senior
Produced by Annabella Hurst-Brown
Executive producer Steven Moffat

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor and River

*This three-minute scene was included as an extra on the BBC DVD/Blu-Ray release of Season 32 [6]

*Time-placing: while talking to River the Doctor refers to "the parents", so knows that Amy and Rory are her mother and father, which places this story after 'Let's Kill Hitler'