Doctor Who Logo 'The Nightmare of Eden'
(4 Parts)
Story Code '5G'

by Bob Baker
The Doctor

In the year 2116, two spaceships, a luxury liner called the Empress, and the Hecate, a private ship, collide and fuse together after one of them is semi-dematerialised while attempting to jump into hyperspace. The Doctor and Romana arrive in the TARDIS, where they meet a scientist, Tryst, and his assistant Della, who are working on a Continuous Event Transmuter machine aboard the liner. This CET contains crystals on which are recordings of the many planets that they have visited, which continue to exist and develop inside the machine. The Doctor and Romana discover that someone aboard the liner is smuggling Vraxoin, a dangerously addictive drug, while the unstable interfaces caused by the crash have allowed Mandrels, vicious creatures from the planet Eden, to escaped from the CET machine and run amok. After Fisk and Costa, two policemen, suspect the Doctor and Romana of smuggling, the two Time Lords realise that the recordings inside the CET machine are really displaced areas of the original planets, leaving behind razed areas on these planets. To escape conviction, the Doctor enters the recording of Eden, and later discovers that Vraxoin is actually the material that is formed when a Mandrel is killed and then decomposes. The real culprits are revealed to be Tryst and Dymond, the pilot of the Hecate, who are using the CET machine to smuggle the drug; they deliberately caused the crash in order to later beam the Vraxoin onto the surface of Azure. The Doctor manages to imprison Tryst and Dymond inside the CET machine, enabling them to be apprehended by the policemen. The Doctor then separates the fused ships, and returns the creatures inside the CET machine back to their rightful planets.

Tom Baker (Doctor Who), Lalla Ward (Romana), David Brierley (Voice of K9), Lewis Fiander (Tryst), Geoffrey Bateman (Dymond), David Daker (Rigg), Jennifer Lonsdale (Della), Stephen Jenn (Secker); Richard Barnes, Sebastion Stride, Eden Phillips (Crewmen); Barry Andrews (Stott), Geoffrey Hinsliff (Fisk), Peter Craze (Costa); Annette Peters, Lionel Sansby, Peter Roberts, Maggie Petersen (Passengers)

Produced by Graham Williams
Directed by Alan Bromly

Part 1 - 24th November, 1979 @ 6.00pm - 6.25pm
Part 2 - 1st December, 1979 @ 6.05pm - 6.30pm
Part 3 - 8th December, 1979 @ 6.00pm - 6.25pm
Part 4 - 15th December, 1979 @ 5.55pm - 6.20pm

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor, the Second Romana, and K-9 MKII

*Working titles: 'Nightmare of Evil'