Doctor Who Logo 'Oblivion'
by Dave Stone
Jacket Illustration

There is something very wrong with the universe. Realities are colliding and timelines collapsing; alternative pasts, presents and futures merge, leaving all the known worlds trapped between the real and the absurd. The laws of physics - cause and effect - no longer apply.

At the heart of this disruption is a man called Deed, master of an alternative Earth and claimant to Godhood. Trapped within his power are three daring adventurers, Nathan Li Shao, Leetha and Kiru, but their companion Sgloomi Po is at large and desparate for assistance. Sgloomi is aware his comrades will cease to exist once Deed has gained control of all realities, so he sets about finding someone with experience in matters beyond the mundane. Unsurprisingly, his old friend Bernice Summerfield immediately springs to mind.

But saving the entire universe from extinction is not a job for just two people, so the pair set out to gather all the old crew together. Chris Cwej, latter-day knight errant, and Jason Kane, Bernice's maverick ex-husband, are soon on board. Then they make a mistake. The last member of the team shouldn't be there at all - she should be dead.

*Featuring Benny, Chris, Jason and Roz

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel