Doctor Who Logo 'Old Friends'
by Marc Platt,
Jonathan Clements
and Pete Kempshall
Jacket Illustration

Late 2562. Bernice Summerfield is 22 and enroute to the ruin of Earth. She's young, she's single, she's just got an MA in archaeology. There's a life of adventure in front of her.

And then she meets the half-human, half-lemur Ivo, whose life she'll completely knock sideways.

Late 2606. Professor Bernice Summerfield is... well she looks nearly 40, but it's difficult to tell what with all the time travel. She's on her way to a funeral, and to meet up with people she's not seen since her 20s.

Ex-husband / current-beau Jason is keen to go with her. Benny never talks about that period of her life - what she did to keep out of the war, where she travelled, how she survived, or who it was broke her heart.

She's run through all time and space to avoid this reunion. But the best-selling author of Down Among The Dead Men must finally uncover her own past.

Old Friends features three brand-new novellas by Marc Platt, Jonathan Clements and Pete Kempshall.

'The Ship of Painted Shadows' by Marc Platt

'Cheating the Reaper' by Jonathan Clements

'The Soul's Prism' by Pete Kempshall

*Featuring Benny

*A Big Finish 'Adventures of Bernice Summerfield' anthology

*Time-placing: The events in these three novellas take place after the audio drama 'The Oracle of Delphi' and prior to the audio drama 'The Empire State'