Doctor Who Logo 'Only the Monstrous:'
2-'The Thousand Worlds'

(1 Part)

by Nicholas Briggs
Jacket Illustration

With the high ranking Time Lord Seratrix behind enemy lines, the War Doctor finds himself assigned to a rescue mission. But any room for manoeuvre is severely restricted by an area of space known as the Null Zone.

Times have changed on Keska, and a countdown to destruction is beginning.

But who are the Taalyens and what is their part in the great and terrifying Dalek plan?

John Hurt (The War Doctor), Jacqueline Pearce (Cardinal Ollistra), Lucy Briggs-Owen (Rejoice), Carolyn Seymour (The Slave [Elder Rejoice]), Beth Chalmers (Veklin), Alex Wyndham (Seratrix), Kieran Hodgson (Bennus), Barnaby Edwards (Arverton), Mark McDonnell (Traanus) John Banks (Garv) and Nicholas Briggs (Daleks)

Directed by Nicholas Briggs

*Featuring the War Doctor and Rejoice

*A Big Finish Audio Production