Torchwood Logo 'Pack Animals'

by Gary Russell
Jacket Illustration

Shopping for wedding gifts with your fiancť is enjoyable, unless like Gwen you witness a Weevil massacre in the shopping centre. A trip to the zoo is a great day out, until a date goes tragically wrong and Ianto is badly injured by stolen alien tech. And Halloween is a day of fun and frights, before unspeakable monsters invade the streets of Cardiff and itís no longer a trick or a treat for the terrified population.

Torchwood can control small groups of scavengers, but now someone has given large numbers of predators a season ticket to Earth. Jackís investigation is hampered when he finds heís being investigated himself. Owen is convinced that itís just one guy whoís toying with them. But will Torchwood find out before itís too late that the game is horribly real, and the deck is stacked against them?

*Featuring Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper and Ianto Jones

*A BBC Books 'Torchwood' novel

*Time-placing: Owen is dead, has cut his hand and broken his finger, placing this after the events of 'A Day in the Death'