Doctor Who Logo 'The Plague of Dreams'
(1 Part)

by Guy Adams
Jacket Illustration

"Pray welcome, one and all, to this, a fantasy in two acts, presented, most humbly, for your pleasure. We bring you drama and magic, angels and demons, a tale of mysterious plague... of nightmares made flesh... of a war fought both in this world and those immeasurably distant. A war, in fact, fought through the mists of time itself. It will make you gasp! It will make you weep! It may even make some of you wake-up..."

Anneke Wills (Polly), Elliot Chapman (Ben Jackson / The Player)

Directed by Lisa Bowerman


*Featuring the First Doctor, Ben and Polly

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Time-placing: this story leads into 'The Tenth Planet'