Doctor Who Logo 'The Darksmith Legacy'
Book Seven:
'The Planet of Oblivion'

by Justin Richards
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Join the Quest to save the Doctor and the Eternity Crystal from his latest adversaries: The Darksmith Collective.

In addition to the books, readers can assist the Doctor in his Quest by visiting online destination By registering on the site, visitors can create their own avatar and alien identity and begin collecting eternity points, crucial to the Doctor's survival.

Collaboration with other fans online to earn extra points will release exclusive content and assist in the Quest to keep the precious Eternity Crystal safe from the dangerous Darksmith Collective.

A multi platform experience, 'The Darksmith Legacy' offers the adventure of a book serialisation with the additional interactivity and exclusive content that can only be achieved online.

Book Seven: 'The Planet of Oblivion'

The Planet of Oblivion is where the Darksmiths met their clients. A once pleasant planet with lush jungles, it has now been reduced to a charred and scorched mess.

A few surviving inhabitants desperately try to bring the planet back to life, with the help of the Dravidians.

But are these technically advanced insects helping for their own gain? Will the Doctor get closer to the identity of the Darksmiths’ mysterious clients?

*Featuring the Tenth Doctor and Gisella

*Published by BBC Children's Books in association with Penguin Books, in June 2009