Primeval Logo Episode 1.1

by Adrian Hodges
Primeval Cast

At the Central Metropolitan University, evolutionary zoologist Professor Nick Cutter and his lab technician, Stephen Hart, are approached by graduate student Connor Temple with a news report of a dinosaur apparently roaming the countryside. Although Nick is initially sceptical, his interest is piqued when he learns the sighting was in the Forest of Dean – where his wife, Helen, mysteriously vanished eight years earlier. Arriving at the scene of the incident, Nick, Stephen and Connor find evidence of huge claw marks on a lorry, and the corpse of a cow thrown into a tree. Meanwhile, lizard expert Abby Maitland finds herself a victim of cutbacks at the zoo where she works. Deciding to follow up on a letter from a young boy named Ben, asking for information on a lizard he has found in the Forest of Dean, Abby is astonished to find that the boy’s new pet is a completely unknown species. Ben takes Abby into the nearby woods to show her where he found ‘Rex’, but the two become separated; Ben discovers a shimmering portal into the past, while Abby comes face to face with a Scutosaurus, a massive herbivore from Earth’s Permian Era. Unaware that he is being followed by a giant, flesh-eating Gorgonopsid, Ben returns home, and when the vicious carnivore bursts through his bedroom window, the boy only just manages to survive the attack. Having joined forces with Claudia Brown, a Home Office official also investigating the dinosaur sighting, Nick, Stephen and Connor venture into the woods, where they soon encounter Abby; the trio are also amazed to see the Scutosaurus lumbering through the trees – and when the dinosaur steps back through the time portal, Nick suddenly realises that there is a chance his wife may still be alive…

Douglas Henshall (Doctor Nick Cutter), James Murray (Stephen Hart), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Lucy Brown (Claudia Brown), Ben Miller (Sir James Peregrine Lester), John Voce (Tim Parker), Mike Goodenough (Dave Greene), Gail Kemp (Mary Trent), Jack Montgomery (Ben Trent), Mark Wakeling (Captain Tom Ryan), Jane Cameron (Teacher)

Directed by Cilla Ware
Produced by Cameron McAllister
Executive Producer Tim Haines
An Impossible Pictures production for ITV / ProSeiben / M6

10th February 2007 @ 7:00 pm

*Introducing Doctor Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Claudia Brown, Sir James Lester, Captain Tom Ryan and Helen Cutter