Primeval Logo Episode 1.2

by Adrian Hodges
Primeval Cast

Nick is convinced that the camera he found in the past is evidence that his wife, Helen, is still alive, and that she was the mysterious woman he glimpsed at the university. After boasting of his adventures to his nerdy friends Duncan and Tom, Connor finds an internet report of a potential new portal located in the New Forest; discovering that Abby is secretly keeping Rex as a pet, Connor coerces her into joining him on an expedition to locate the portal. That night, their camp is attacked by a dinosaur – which promptly turns out to be a puppet wielded by Duncan and Tom; the two geeks run off laughing at their deception, just as the police arrive and arrest the hapless Connor and Abby for trespassing. When Nick learns of these events, he is furious, and drops Connor from the team; he then joins Claudia at a local hospital, where a London Underground cleaner has been admitted, suffering from the venom in what appears to be the bite of a giant insect, and babbling about monsters. Although Sir James Lester of the Home Office refuses to accede to Nick’s recommendation to close down the Tube system, he does agree to an investigation of the tunnels; Captain Ryan leads a Special Forces team down into the tunnel system, but they are attacked by a nest of huge, spider-like creatures and forced to retreat. Suspecting that another time portal is nearby, Nick convinces Claudia to allow him, Stephen and Abby to search the nest; however, they soon discover that another creature from the Carboniferous Era has come through to the present: a giant, vicious ancestor of the millipede, known as an Arthropleura…

Douglas Henshall (Doctor Nick Cutter), James Murray (Stephen Hart), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Lucy Brown (Claudia Brown), Ben Miller (Sir James Peregrine Lester), Jake Curran (Tom), Stephanie Street (Doctor Lewis), Mark Wakeling (Captain Tom Ryan), Juliet Aubrey (Helen Cutter)*, Emily Dobbs (Woman on Tube), James Bradshaw (Duncan)*, John Gomez (The Pest Controller)*

Directed by Cilla Ware
Produced by Cameron McAllister
Executive Producer Tim Haines
An Impossible Pictures production for ITV / ProSeiben / M6

17th February 2007 @ 7:00 pm

*Featuring Doctor Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Claudia Brown, Sir James Lester, Captain Tom Ryan and Helen Cutter