Primeval Logo Episode 2.4

by Cameron McAllister
Primeval Cast

After the A.R.C.’s anomaly detector registers a portal opening and closing in the River Thames, Nick, Stephen and Jenny head for the Isle of Dogs to investigate a report of a missing youth, last seen being dragged into a storm drain by an unseen assailant. Although Nick and Stephen can find no trace of the boy inside the drains, they do hear a strange, inhuman keening noise coming from the tunnel leading to the nearby canal. Meanwhile, Abby and Connor fall out over Caroline, who is driving a wedge between the two friends by making herself at home in their flat; as Connor and Abby are called away to join Nick, Caroline makes another mysterious phone call, and then spies Rex… Nick and his team take two boats out onto the water to search for what they believe to be another dinosaur, but by nightfall all they have succeeded in finding is a section of animal skin, which has been sloughed off like a snake’s. The team are about to give up when something in the water rams one of the boats, knocking Jenny overboard; as a shark-like creature speeds straight towards the terrified woman, Nick manages to haul her aboard his boat. After Stephen shoots the monster, the team take its corpse back to the A.R.C. for examination – unaware that another vicious, seal-like beast is watching them from the water… Nick determines that the dead creature is not from the past but the future, an aquatic predator evolved from a shark; furthermore, its stomach contains no trace of the missing boy – meaning that a second predator is at large. While Nick prepares to search the canal again, Abby and Connor go home, but when they arrive at the flat they find Caroline still there, and Rex stuffed inside the fridge, almost dead from the extreme cold; Abby is furious, and refuses to believe Caroline’s protests of her innocence. The next morning, Nick, Stephen and a Special Forces team begin their search of the canal. While checking a nearby warehouse Nick sees a lone soldier acting suspiciously; when the man bolts, Nick gives chase across the marina, and eventually corners him inside one of the boats; Nick realises that the soldier was also the Cleaner he met at Castle Cross Shopping Mall, but before he can question him, the man knocks him unconscious and makes his escape. When Nick comes to he hears the strange keening noise again, and so he takes a boat into the middle of the canal and uses underwater sound equipment to record the predator’s calls. Nick replays the creature’s cries in an attempt to lure the creature out – but his plan works too well, and to his and Connor’s horror, the predator bursts out of the water, grabs Abby and then drags her down into the murky depths to its lair…

Douglas Henshall (Doctor Nick Cutter), James Murray (Stephen Hart), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Lucy Brown (Jenny Lewis / Claudia Brown), Ben Miller (James Peregrine Lester), Juliet Aubrey (Helen Cutter), Karl Theobald (Oliver Leek), Jacob Anderson (Lucian), Loick Essien (Basketball Player), Chris Nayak (ARC Technician), Naomi Bentley (Caroline), Tim Faraday (The Cleaner), Drew Edwards (Mini-Sub Operator)

Directed by Jamie Payne
Produced by Paul Frift
Executive Producer Tim Haines, Adrian Hodges and Cameron McAllister
An Impossible Pictures production for ITV / ProSeiben

2nd February 2008 @ 7:10 pm

*Featuring Doctor Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Jenny Lewis, James Lester, Oliver Leek and Helen Cutter