Primeval Logo Episode 3.6

by Paul Farrell
Primeval Cast

While Danny helps Captain Becker with a security exercise, breaking into the Anomaly Research Centre in order to test the building’s intrusion defences, Lester suffers the indignity of giving his temporary flat-mate, Connor, a lift in to work. Sarah and Connor manage to unlock the mysterious artefact using a laser, momentarily unleashing a three-dimensional map of the anomalies – a map exactly like the prediction model that Cutter had been working on. However, their success is also seen by Christine Johnson at the Home Office facility, via the hidden surveillance cameras she has had secreted throughout the A.R.C., and she immediately mobilises her troops and sets off to retrieve the artefact. When Danny mentions seeing a camera inside the A.R.C. infrastructure Becker and Lester instantly realise that they have been bugged – and that Christine will be on her way. While Captain Becker and Lester hold off the invading authorities, Danny, Connor, Abby and Sarah sneak out of the building and drive to a disused Ministry of Defence safe house in the country. Here they find an old wooden lodge filled with the personal belongings of a team of scientists from the 1930s, and an underground bunker containing a generator, a desiccated corpse and a diary written in code. Danny, Connor, Abby and Sarah return to the lodge to rest from their ordeal, missing the sight of an anomaly opening inside the bunker; however, the portal is identified by the A.R.C.’s Anomaly Detector, which prompts Christine Johnson to despatch a team of soldiers to investigate. Back at the lodge, Danny, Connor, Abby and Sarah suddenly find themselves under attack from a flock of ‘Terror Birds’ – giant, savage, ostrich-like Phorusrhacids. Trapped inside the old building as the ferocious monsters close in on them, the team must use their wits and ingenuity if they are to survive the Terror Birds’ assault…

Jason Flemying (Danny Quinn), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Laila Rouass (Doctor Sarah Page), Juliet Aubrey (Helen Cutter), Ben Miller (James Peregrine Lester), Ben Mansfield (Captain Becker), Belinda Stewart-Wilson (Christine Johnson), Robert Lowe (Jack Maitland), Jack Gordon (Tony), Alex Sweeney (Captain Wilder)

Directed by Cilla Ware
Produced by Tim Bradley
Executive Producer Tim Haines, Adrian Hodges and Cameron McAllister
An Impossible Pictures production for ITV / ProSeiben

2nd May 2009 @ 7:20 pm

*Featuring Danny Quinn, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Doctor Sarah Page, Captain Becker and James Lester