Primeval Logo Episode 5.1

by Chris Lang
Primeval Cast

Stuck in roadworks on the way to the office, Lester is surprised to discover that one of the workmen has drilled into an underground tunnel, causing a section of the road to give way. Plunging into a pit, the hapless workman is attacked by a giant insect… At the A.R.C., Philip decides to confide in Connor about his top-secret project, ‘New Dawn’. Escorting his protégé to the Prospero complex, Philip shows off the construction a massive machine designed to harvest the energy of anomalies, which will provide a free energy source for the world; Connor is astonished – even more so when Philip assigns him a new assistant, a pretty, ditzy young scientist named April… Back at the A.R.C., Abby is surprised to find Matt attempting to hack into Connor’s research files; however, before she can question him they are interrupted by an alert from Jess, warning of the possible incursion Lester has reported. Racing to the scene, Matt and Jess join Captain Becker and investigate the newly-opened pit; they quickly come face-to-face with the creature, only to find that the E.M.D. stun guns have no effect on its armoured hide. Beating a hasty retreat, Becker contacts Lester to arrange for suitable weaponry, while Jess informs Matt that she has detected a network of tunnels under the roads – the creature has been there a long time, and there may be more than one. When Matt doesn’t seem surprised, Abby begins to suspect he knows more than he is letting on... Calling in Connor, Matt instructs him to predict the creature’s next appearance; but they don’t have long to wait: the monster emerges in the middle of a family garden party, and a massacre ensues. Arriving on the scene the team find no sign of the creature, so Matt decides to use the noise of a lawnmower to lure it out; but his plan is too successful: the giant carnivorous insect bursts out of the ground, grabs Connor and pulls him into the ground, dragging him back to its nest…

Ciarán McMenamin (Matt Anderson), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Ben Miller (James Peregrine Lester), Alexander Siddig (Philip Burton), Ben Mansfield (Captain Becker), Ruth Kearney (Jess Parker), Janice Byrne (April Leonard), Lucy Vigne Welsh (Miss Reece), Patrick Murray (Anthony)

Directed by Mark Everest
Produced by Tim Bradley
Executive Producer Tim Haines, Adrian Hodges and Cameron McAllister
An Impossible Pictures production for ITV / ProSeiben

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24th May 2011 @ 8:00 pm

*Featuring Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Matt Anderson, Jess Parker, Captain Becker, James Peregrine Lester and Philip Burton