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A spin-off from the British series 'Primeval', ‘Primeval: New World’ follows the adventures of a Canadian Special Projects team as they battle dangerous predators that emerge onto the streets of Vancouver through anomalies in time. Lead by genius inventor Evan Cross from his base at Cross Photonics, the team comprises of security specialist Mac Rendell; physics prodigy Toby Nance; Ange Finch, Evan's oldest friend and business partner; and predator control expert Dylan Weir. The team is also aided by Lieutenant Ken Leeds, head of ‘Project Magnet’, the Canadian government's defunct bureau for investigating alien life and other mysteries.

As the team track down and deal with the terrifying prehistoric creatures that have begun to break into the present, Evan is approached by a mysterious figure: a man named Connor Temple, who warns him not to get involved in the anomalies. But this only serves to pique Evan’s curiosity, as he has seen the A.R.C. insignia on Connor’s sleeve before – on the man who saved him from the creature that killed Evan’s wife…

'Primeval New World' was a good attempt at continuing the original show's mythos, but unfortunately it was cancelled after just thirteen episodes – which is a terrible shame, because it ended on one hell of a cliffhanger!

Primeval: New World - Season 1

Primeval - Episode Guide

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