Primeval: New World Logo 'Angry Birds'

by Gillian Horvath
Primeval: New World Cast

An anomaly opens near an abandoned train yard: the disused train cars are being used as an illegal marijuana grow-op, and while stoner guards Blake and Skeezer are delighted to find a cute baby bird amongst their plants, their motorcycle courier is brutally mauled by one of the creature’s parents, a giant Terror Bird. The anomaly is detected at Cross Photonics, and Evan and Dylan leave for the warehouse district to investigate; tracking the portal, they soon come across the grow-op – and are promptly taken prisoner at gunpoint by the operation’s jumpy guards. Arriving at Cross Photonics, Mac learns of the new anomaly and immediately sets off to join his colleagues, taking an over-eager Toby with him; en route they are attacked by the Terror Bird as it runs into the surrounding woods; searching the area, Mac and Toby discover the wreckage of the motorbike – and what’s left of its rider… Meanwhile, Ange becomes frustrated at Evan’s lack of responsibility to his company, and she contacts Ken Leeds at Project Magnet; the lieutenant is only too happy to help, and after promising to provide government funding, he goes to the train yard to assist the team. Back at the grow-op, Dylan manages to convince the guards that she is merely searching for dangerous stray animals; after Skeezer shows off his new pet, ‘Leggy’ the baby Terror Bird, Blake allows Evan to search for the adult creature, on the condition that he keep Dylan as a hostage. Evan makes his way through the empty train carriages – and then comes face-to-beak with the eight-foot tall carnivorous beast…

Niall Matter (Evan Cross), Sara Canning (Dylan Weir), Danny Rahim (Mac Rendell), Crystal Lowe (Toby Nance), Miranda Frigon (Angelika ‘Ange’ Finch), Geoff Gustafson (Lieutenant Ken Leeds), Patrick Gilmore (Blake), Kett Turton (Skeezer), Leif Havdale (Motorcycle Courier)

Directed by Andy Mikita
Produced by George Horie
Executive Producers Martin Wood, Gillian Horvath, Katie Newman, Jonathan Drake, Tim Haines, Michael Chechick and Gabriela Schonbach
Produced by Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions

TX (U.S. on Space):
19th November 2012 @ 9:00 pm

*Featuring Evan Cross, Dylan Weir, Mac Rendell, Toby Nance, Angelika ‘Ange’ Finch and Lieutenant Ken Leeds