Primeval: New World Logo 'The Inquisition'

by Jon Cooksey
Primeval: New World Cast

Following his actions during the recent Terror Bird incident, Leeds is held in custody at a Project Magnet facility facing an unofficial court martial from Colonel Henderson Hall. At Cross Photonics, Toby succeeds in hacking into Leeds’ office terminal, allowing her to download all of the Lieutenant’s Project Magnet files; when she then identifies an unlisted building that Leeds has been visiting, Dylan suspects it to be the location of the secret laboratory where the Project is keeping captured dinosaurs. Colonel Hall dispatches a squad of armed soldiers to raid Cross Photonics; however, when the men arrive they find only Evan, the Anomaly Detector already taken and hidden elsewhere by Toby. Evan is escorted to the Magnet facility, where he meets Mac, also in restraints; after convincing Hall to release Mac, Evan locks horns with the colonel, who wants direct access to the time portals. Meanwhile, Mac joins Dylan in breaking into the secret lab complex; sneaking a lift from a passing military vehicle, the two infiltrate the base with the aid of Leeds’ key card; they soon discover a laboratory filled with vivisected dinosaurs, the victims of gruesome experiments conducted under Project Magnet. Colonel Hall reveals that Leeds has led dozens of people through the anomalies to collect specimens; the colonel and his team are engaged in geo-engineering in order to stop global warming, fixing the energy crisis by using biological samples taken from earth’s history. Evan is appalled, condemning the Colonel’s actions as a huge risk to the timeline; but before he can continue, Ange walks in... Back at the facility, Dylan and Mac are spotted by armed guards, who pursue them through the complex…

Niall Matter (Evan Cross), Sara Canning (Dylan Weir), Danny Rahim (Mac Rendell), Crystal Lowe (Toby Nance), Miranda Frigon (Angelika ‘Ange’ Finch), Geoff Gustafson (Lieutenant Ken Leeds), Louis Ferreira (Colonel Henderson Hall), Eric Breker (Sergeant Macready), Dan Payne (Major Douglas), Jodi Balfour (Samantha Sedaris), Patrick Sabongui (Bill Pearson), Rob Hayter (M.P.)

Directed by Martin Wood
Produced by George Horie
Executive Producers Martin Wood, Gillian Horvath, Katie Newman, Jonathan Drake, Tim Haines, Michael Chechick and Gabriela Schonbach
Produced by Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions

TX (U.S. on Space):
5th February 2013 @ 9:00 pm

*Featuring Evan Cross, Dylan Weir, Mac Rendell, Toby Nance, Ange Finch and Lieutenant Ken Leeds