Primeval: New World Logo 'Sisiutl'

by Judith and Garfield
Primeval: New World Cast

While conducting a survey off the coast, two oil-workers are killed by a huge sea monster… At Cross Photonics, Dylan attempts to introduce Evan to Lieutenant Leeds, but her boss refuses to have anything to do with the government official from ‘Project Magnet’. At Predator Control, Dylan is approached by a former student, Leo, who shows her footage of a giant sea serpent off the coast, which he believes could be his people’s legendary ‘Sisiutl’; together they head to the Merison Oil plant, where Leo’s Father Raymond is leading a demonstration of Inuit protestors. At the Tank, Toby activates her new magnetic spike detector, which immediately registers an anomaly off the coast. Evan and Mac race to investigate the site and quickly locate the anomaly – under the water. As Dylan and Leo arrive on the scene, they see the monster: a huge, eel-like creature. After turning down Evan’s offer of a job, Dylan investigates the water’s edge and finds the shredded remains of a dinghy; she is then joined by Detective Harlow, who is investigating the missing oil-workers. While Mac sets out in a boat to place a marker above the anomaly, Evan discovers the remains of a human skeleton covered in slime on the beach; when he reports it to Dylan, she identifies it as vomit from a lizard – the creature is not an eel, it is a giant snake. Following the creature’s trail into a storm drain, Evan enters the sewers leading to the refinery and comes under attack by the titanaboa; luckily he is saved by Leo, who has followed him on his search so that he can get footage of Sisiutl. Escaping through an air vent, the two men meet up with Dylan; comparing notes they realise that the snake is attracted to loud noise – and the noise from the demonstration will lead it straight to the refinery…

Niall Matter (Evan Cross), Sara Canning (Dylan Weir), Danny Rahim (Mac Rendell), Crystal Lowe (Toby Nance), Miranda Frigon (Angelika ‘Ange’ Finch), Geoff Gustafson (Lieutenant Ken Leeds), Adrian Holmes (Detective Harlow), Lorne Cardinal (Uncle Ray), William Belleau (Leo John), Leanne Hindle (Oil Worker)

Directed by Andy Mikita

Produced by George Horie
Executive Producers Martin Wood, Gillian Horvath, Katie Newman, Jonathan Drake, Tim Haines, Michael Chechick and Gabriela Schonbach
Produced by Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions

TX (U.S. on Space):
5th November 2012 @ 9:00 pm

*Featuring Evan Cross, Dylan Weir, Mac Rendell, Toby Nance, Angelika ‘Ange’ Finch and Lieutenant Ken Leeds

*This episode sees the introduction on a new title sequence