Primeval: New World Logo 'The Sound of Thunder'
(Part 1)

by Peter Hume
Primeval: New World Cast

At Project Magnet, Colonel Hall appoints Ange in the role of Civilian Director, to act as liaison with Evan and his team. Ange also arranges for Leeds to be pardoned and returned to active duty. At Cross Photonics, Toby returns from hiding the Anomaly Detector to present Evan with a portable A.D. device; she then tells Mac that she has found a lead on the A.R.C. patch his other self was wearing: although the internet has been scrubbed clean of all records, she was able to find a conspiracy theorist’s blog that mentioned an Anomaly Research Centre in the U.K. … Ange pays Evan a visit and asks him to join her team; the ensuing heated discussion is interrupted by Toby, who has news of a new anomaly. After Ange has left, Evan, Toby, Dylan and Mac head off to investigate; arriving at a huge abandoned mine near Britannia Beach, the team quickly locates the portal – and also a giant, prehistoric scorpion. Together they manage to drive the vicious Brontoscorpio back through the anomaly, but in the process Toby is stung by the creature’s venomous tail. While Toby is rushed to hospital by a Project Magnet medical team, a worried Mac at her side, Evan and Dylan rush through the anomaly to secure a sample of the Brontoscorpio’s venom from which to create an anti-toxin; stepping through they find themselves by a lake surrounded by dozens of anomalies, a temporal junction. The first portal Evan tries leads to his own facility in 2006, on the day before his wife was killed by the Albertosaurus; Evan sees this as a way to fix everything by changing his own history he can save his wife and Toby – or make things even worse. Leaving Evan to struggle with his temptation, a frustrated Dylan enters another anomaly, only to fall into a sand trap – just as the Brontoscorpio appears and moves in for the kill… Back at the hospital, Toby’s condition continues to worsen; will Evan and Dylan return with the venom in time to save her…?

Niall Matter (Evan Cross), Sara Canning (Dylan Weir), Danny Rahim (Mac Rendell), Crystal Lowe (Toby Nance), Miranda Frigon (Angelika ‘Ange’ Finch), Geoff Gustafson (Lieutenant Ken Leeds), Louis Ferreira (Colonel Henderson Hall), Lexa Doig (Doctor Fridkin), Victor Zinck Jr. (Skyler), Christina Gooding (Cece), J.C. Williams (Corporal), Michael Patric (Doctor Darius Jardine), David Attar

Directed by Martin Wood
Produced by George Horie
Executive Producers Martin Wood, Gillian Horvath, Katie Newman, Jonathan Drake, Tim Haines, Michael Chechick and Gabriela Schonbach
Produced by Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions

TX (U.S. on Space):
12th February 2013 @ 9:00 pm

*Featuring Evan Cross, Dylan Weir, Mac Rendell, Toby Nance, Ange Finch and Lieutenant Ken Leeds