Primeval: New World Logo 'The Sound of Thunder'
(Part 2)

by Peter Hume
Primeval: New World Cast

Connor Temple and his A.R.C. team chase a rampaging Albertosaurus through the streets of London; but as the creature enters an anomaly, Connor’s team mate, Kieran, is forced inside the portal too – so Connor goes in after him… In the past, Evan is trapped in the Brontoscorpio's burrow, while Dylan races for the anomaly, clutching the scorpion’s severed tail needed to make the anti-toxin to save Toby. Arriving at the temporal junction, Dylan takes the anomaly to the present, hands over the tail to the waiting soldiers with instructions to get it to the lab, then grabs a metal pole and returns to rescue Evan. On the way to the burrow Dylan encounters Connor, who has followed Kieran’s trail into the second anomaly; on hearing Evan’s name, Connor offers to help, and they arrive just as the Brontoscorpio is closing in on their friend. Using the iron bar as a lever, Dylan and Connor dislodge the rocks blocking the tunnel, allowing Evan to get to safety. At the hospital, Mac keeps a bedside vigil over Toby, while the Doctors work on the anti-toxin; as Toby flatlines Doctor Fridkin administers the cure – and to Mac’s relief Toby starts to recover… At the nexus, Evan realises that the Albertosaurus Connor was chasing is the one that killed his wife; together they enter the portal leading to 2006 and search the facility for Kieran. While Dylan reminds Evan that the temptation to save his wife could change the timeline, Connor locates his friend, whose leg has been injured by the dinosaur. The team regroups and returns to the temporal junction, but the Albertosaurus follows them – and is promptly tranquilised by a team of soldiers led by Colonel Hall. When the colonel gives the order to take the creature into the present both Evan and Connor object: unless the dinosaur is returned to 2006, history will unravel and everything around them will change…

Niall Matter (Evan Cross), Sara Canning (Dylan Weir), Danny Rahim (Mac Rendell), Crystal Lowe (Toby Nance), Miranda Frigon (Angelika ‘Ange’ Finch), Geoff Gustafson (Lieutenant Ken Leeds), Andrew Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Louis Ferreira (Colonel Henderson Hall), Lexa Doig (Doctor Fridkin), Robert Lawrenson (Kieran Coles), David Attar, J.C. Williams (Corporal), Michael Patric (Doctor Darius Jardine), Mike Klemak (Soldier), Nigel Vonas, Rob Compton, Jennifer Huva (Female A.R.C. Member), Mike Desabrais

Directed by Martin Wood
Produced by George Horie
Executive Producers Martin Wood, Gillian Horvath, Katie Newman, Jonathan Drake, Tim Haines, Michael Chechick and Gabriela Schonbach
Produced by Impossible Pictures and Omni Film Productions

TX (U.S. on Space):
19th February 2013 @ 9:00 pm

*Featuring Evan Cross, Dylan Weir, Mac Rendell, Toby Nance, Ange Finch, Lieutenant Ken Leeds and Connor Temple

*Connor tells us he is married, presumably to Abbi – it took them long enough!