Prisoner Logo 'The Prisoner's Dilemma'
by Jonathan Blum
and Rupert Booth
Jacket Illustration

"Everyone's an individual now. Everyone's a rebel. Everyone does their own thing. You've inspired them all. To NOTHING."

Things are changing in the Village. The authorities have found new ways of exploiting community spirit... using a lost pioneer of computer science to put their stamp on the coming Information Age.

But then there's Number 18.

She's a murderer... for the best of reasons. She's a bit of a collaborator, for reasons of her own. She's fiercely protective of herself. And she may be Number 6's best chance of out-thinking the Village, as they pit themselves against the authorities' newest attempt at control. But it all depends on what the Village's masters are really aiming for.

Do they expect him to trust her... or destroy her?

Released in U.S.A. by:
Powys Books

Release Date:

*Featuring 'Number Six'

*This novel features an introduction by J. Michael Straczynski, creator of 'Babylon 5'